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Found one bug to fix this time, once u go over lvl 100, the 100 gets cut off the screen and all u see is 10

Thank you :) I never thought that at this stage of development anybody would play that long. I will fix this in the next version

Checking back, still no updates eh? :(, but at least it loaded my game from when i played a month ago, so that works :P  if u need help with ideas or Pixel art i can help out,  but im no good with programming


I love clicker games because they just need to click the mouse to play the games. This game is so simple, just click and kill the enemies. Are there anything else?  You shoulddevelope more to make it more interesting. When I play clicker games on freegames66, I experienced so many different feeling and I hope you will make more funny games and I will wait for checking them. Try your best, ok?

Thanks for you reply and that you tested my game. Currently you are right, the game is very simple. But I am working to implement a weapons, stage and level system. The current state is just an MVP and it would be great if you can test it again in 1-2 weeks :)

I hope you will enjoy the game. Thank you and have a nice day.


cool pixel style graphics: check, clicking to attack: check, but no sound, no upgrades, and no idling yet, so not really worth putting any time into, once you improve it a bit more it looks like it will be a fun game

Thanks for your reply! You have absolutely right. The game is a very simple version of my vision. But thanks for you feedback and I will work hard to make a funny game. Hope you will test it later again :)


be happy too, i love testing out new games.